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Prose, fantasy, or reality

::suddenly lost in a vivid fantasy of kneeling on new2's grave::

Roses clenched in my hands so tightly that blood drips from them on to the grave, the red red blood looking obsidian black under the cold light of the full
moon. The wind whispers and sighs, and I feel a shudder as something stirs beneath me.

Called by my blood and my desire your pale white arms slide through the dirt atop the grave, their purity unmarred by the loam. Too amazed to be frightened,
I fall back on my haunches, clearing space for your torso to rise. The moonlight glimmers on your rings through the diaphanous material of your burial
shift, transfixing me. Now your face breaks the plane of your grave, white as alabaster, except for your lips, dark and pulsing with the taste of my blood.
Those red, red lips curl in a slow smile as you see my face, your doll-like eyes mirrors in the night, reflecting the play of revulsion and desire roiling
across my visage. A smile emerges, because my desire is winning. A smile because, in my weakness and MY need, you KNOW I will give you what you need, what
you CRAVE.

The rest of you writhes, no RISES below me, between my legs, and part of me rises with you. I straddle you now, your flawless cold marble body betwixt my
thighs, undulating ever so slightly. Groaning unmanfully, I drop the roses to one side and fall upon you, burying my burning lips against your frigid neck,
pouring my warmth and heat in to you. Your hands touch me as if your fingers were razor blades, shredding my clothes in to scraps, sliding a bit too deep
at odd moments, drawing welters of blood that are absorbed in to your fingertip skin before making runnels of the folds in my flesh.

Resting my weight on my elbows, I slide my hands up in to your hair, cradling your head as tenderly as that of a child, and in a haze of fear, loathing,
and pulsing hot lust I lower my lips to yours. You have no breath, but as our lips touch you draw mine in to you, taking my breath and warmth, and, with
a soft nip at my lower lip, some of my blood, in to you. Your eyes brighten a bit and I hear you murmur softly against my lips, one hand holding my head
close, the other pulling your shift away, our bodies now touching, stroking, rubbing against one another.

Your nether lips are as cold to start as the lips on your face, but as my cock rubs against them, seeping fluid that they take and drink as your other lips
feasted on my blood. My juices and heat enter you, become yours, and your flesh warms and slickens beneath me. Your razor fingers touch me there, oh so
carefully, but still drawing a small taste of blood, providing the last bit of lubrication needed for me to slip slowly inside you. You are a tunnel of
fiery cold, surrounding the flesh of my cock. I gasp, and your other hand releases my head so I can rear it back and breathe.

Against my chest I can feel your heart beginning to beat now, in time with the pulsing of my cock inside your encompassing walls. Those walls squeeze in
time, drawing the blood from the skin of my cock, and coaxing other fluids nearer the surface as well. I look down on your face, your perfect porcelain
features marked out by the silvered glow of your piercings, your eyes unreadable in their reflection of the moonlight. I know I am forever lost in those
eyes, forsaken by the light and my own desires to be lost in your cold embrace. This knowledge, this forsaking of the light, this willful GIVING of myself
frees me from some unspoken constraint and with an animal growl I begin to move my body, sliding in and out of you now deliberately, taking some of the
rhythm away from your still undulating snakelike hips, rocking in to you with enough force that you would be in pain if you were ali...

...a NORMAL woman.

Sibilant sounds sursurate from your lips, egging me on with your desire, your need, your CRAVING for all of me. Without conscious volition my head snaps
back, my hair flying around my face as I bray like a beast at the cold, cold moon, howling my heart, my heat, my desire, my LIFE so loudly I almost expect
the unfeeling moon to stop in its tracks and notice what we do beneath it. Our bodies rock in time now, your hips slamming so hard up against me that I
feel we would rise in to the air if I were not pounding mine back down against you so hard that surely I must seem to be trying to drive you back in to
the ground from which you've just awakened. Existing now solely for you, for this union, I give almost the last bit of myself. I grasp one of your bladed
hands and draw the fingers down my own neck, timing it so the head of my cock slides out and back in to part your lips as my flesh parts beneath your hand.
A flash of real emotion crosses your cold eyes, surprise at my act and then a darkling hunger that rises stronger than ever, amazed at my willing sacrifice.
I draw your head up in my hands, bringing your lips to the font of my life, wellspring of my heat, pressing your lips to my pulse as I press my cock deeper
inside you than I ever dreamed possible, shocked at my own stamina in your embrace but knowing I must go on.

My body pistons, driven on beyond my human limits, even as I begin to grow dizzy from blood loss and fatigue, but the rhythm does not slow. My blood, my
flesh, my passion, my heat, all that is in me flows in to you, overwhelming even YOUR timeless hunger, slaking your thirst, making your body remember what
it means to be ALIVE, and you writhe beneath me now not in a parody of desire meant merely to entice me in to your arms but in a TRUE dance of passion,
rising up to meet me as a woman, a lover. You pull your lips away and look at my face, seeing my eyes slack and unfocused, my lips parted to gather breath,
all rationality fled in my urgency to please the dark Goddess beneath me, and a surging you haven't felt in far, far too long fills you as I bring you,
an almost human cry forming on your lips, and a heat of your own building inside, pulsing and growing and burning and screaming for release, rising and
rising in an incendiary blaze until even YOUR preternatural silence is shattered by a cry that rises up from deep within you in places long untouched,
and now it is YOUR head that snaps back, YOUR body that breaks out of rhythm, and a shriek bursts forth from your lips that shatters the night, shaking
the leaves from the trees, rousting the birds from their nests to flee in terror, seemingly freezing the very clouds in their windborne flight in bewilderment
at what transpires beneath their usually lofty and untouchable height...

Then all is still for a brief frozen crystal instant. A quiet deeper than that of the grave, deeper that that of airless space. The quiet of the Void before
the Gods first breathed life in to existence. And in that instant clarity descends upon you and you see me as more than food, more than an acolyte, you
see me as a MAN, as a LOVER, one who has given ALL of himself to you. Something in your cold heart moves, and a soul you thought gone long ago cries out
for solace. The solace of a mate, an equal to share the endless nights with. Knowing how close I am, and the urgency of acting before my irrevocable sacrifice
is completed by my seed spilling within you, you push me up so I am supporting myself on my arms, looking down on you, perfection in the night, untarnished
by the earth we lay upon or by the blood dripping from my wounds, or even the sheen of sweat that covers me despite the chill of the graveyard night.

Reaching up, you hook your fingers in the rings in your nipples, tugging hard at the unyielding flesh, until the combination of the pure silver of the rings
and your own inhuman strength coaxes a grudging flow of my stolen blood to reemerge from them. Your hand at the back of my head draws me out of my trance,
although my body continues to move machinelike against you. You pull at me just enough to make me look, knowing that even more than what I have already
given this last supreme act must be a CHOICE. The choice to give up the last of my mortality, my humanity, my SOUL, to the endless night. I look to your
eyes, seeking some sign in the chips of black glass, cold in your flawless face. I peer deeper, drinking you in, restraining myself with every bit of self-control
from final, fatal climax, desperate to discern an answer...

...and somewhere in the depths, I find a smile, not the cold cruel smile you offered me at first but a true smile, one that speaks of a love that knows
no death, no time, nothing but an endless sharing of selves...and you find a human voice and whisper "lover...and love". The first, and only, actual words
spoken this night. My decision is made before I consciously process the thought. How could I possibly turn down eternity with my dark Lady? I allow you
to draw me down to suckle at your bosom, drawing our mingled blood in to my lips, teasing it around your rings with my tongue as I build toward a release
like nothing I have known. Almost numb with the overwhelming rush of feelings I clamp my lips and teeth around your left nipple, drawing hard on the ring
with my tongue, pulling hard at the salty copper taste as my body quivers, jerks, losing rhythm as I mold my flesh to yours, jerking just my hips now

And Oh

The wave

The rushing and crashing

Roaring and Screaming

Tearing through my body and mind as my cock pulses, releasing my seed in to you, and with it my life, your eternal cold drawing all the mortal heat from

But in the throes you hold my head in a death grip to your breast, and I suckle as if it were my salvation rather than my damnation as your darkling cold
fills me, replacing my life with your death, binding us together for all time. My body spasms its last, and the cold fills me now as well, all of my heat
thrown wildly in to you

Able at last to seek repose, I take one last look in to your eyes just as a cloud scuds across the moon. In the absence of reflected light I expect them
to be merely black pools, showing nothing. But instead they glow just slightly, giving off enough light for me to see in them a reflection. A reflection
of two icy black chips above them. My own eyes, become like yours. And I kiss you, sealing the night with a promise of forever as we slowly sink in to
the earth, to sleep the day wrapped together in the arms of your grave.

::emerging from the fantasy haze, shaking my head to clear it::
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