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Sexy Tidbits

It was late one evening,most likely Sunday, because I was working untill 11pm...Josh picked me up from work and we went back to the house...when we got home, he ran me a hot bath and we both slipped in together...he sat normally with his legs stretched out and i layed on my stomach between his legs with my head on his chest. We had music playing this time, I practised my singing a little bit, Josh says I have a beautiful voice...then i decided to enjoy the fact that he was all wet ^^ i started kissing his neck first. I love the way he'll blush at first, then he'll close his eyes....then i kissed down his chest, then back up again, along his arms, then down his side...then I'd take his legnth in my mouth, suck for a couple of minutes, then kiss up his chest again, to suck on his neck softly. While I continue this for about an hour, he's laying perfectly still, eyes closed, lips parted,breathing softly...the bath didn't last for very long...we got out so he could dry me off and push me gently down on the bed....

and the rest will have to continue in another post....
I have to go to work >_
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