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Good Morning

Oyahoo Gozaimasu!
Good morning!
*huggles for Kye*
I got ur email hun ^_^

Name:: Kai (or, Mistress Kai)
Age:: 19
Sexual Preference:: Bisexual
Dom/Sub?:: Dom
*sighs* Spike (Kitten) claims that I put the leash on him first, therefore I own him LOL..I'll let him be in control every once in a while, if he's good...

I'm a 19 year old Dom-in-training from Edmonton Alberta, I used to live in Vancouver, but moved here where work is better and friends are more close knit and less likely to stab you in the back. Now I live her permenantly and I LOVE IT!

Greetings,salutations and Many Blessings
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