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Adventure's in sex

The following is an account of an unexpected encounter with another couple that we met one night about a month ago. Sue and I still can’t believe that this
took place, it was such a spur of the moment thing, and we certainly did not anticipate it taking place that evening.

Every so often my wife, Sue and I go out to a bar/nightclub about 10 miles away from our house to dance/drink/socialize. It's a real nice place, low lights,
good slow dance music, and a crowd that's about our age. It's not a swing club, but we've seen some pretty good fooling around going on in there on occasion,
couples feeling each other up on the dance floor and some groping in the booths. Anyway, this one particular night we had planned to go there, and as we
got ready to go I noticed that Sue was really dressed pretty slutty. Sue usually dresses pretty conservatively, leaving her slut behavior for the bedroom.
She had on leather pants and a man’s type dress shirt on with no bra on underneath it. On the way there I complimented her on her outfit, and she showed
me that she had her nipple chain on and on top of that she had hung a few keys on it to weigh it down and pull on her nipples. She said that it felt great
on her sensitive nips and it was already getting her cunt wet.

It was early when we got there and were able to get a booth right near the dance floor to check out the other people while they danced. We had been there
about an hour and the place was starting to fill up when a guy got up and came over to ask Sue to dance. She asked if it was O.K. and, of course, I said
yes. I looked over at the booth where he was sitting and noticed a really foxy looking brunette sitting there and I tried to make eye contact with her
looking for the opportunity to dance with her while Sue and the guy were dancing.

She was not looking my way and didn't look very happy so I looked back at the dance floor at Sue and the guy dancing a slow song and they were dancing pretty
close together. They danced a few dances and came back to our booth where Sue introduced the guy Fred to me. He was a pleasant guy, after talking for a
minute or two we invited him and his companion to join us at our booth. He said that he would ask his wife if she wanted to. He went back to their booth
and talked to her and sure enough they got up carrying their drinks and came over to our booth. I got up and moved to the other side by Sue and they sat
down across from us. Fred introduced his wife Amy to us, and we made some idle chitchat for a few minutes then Fred asked Sue to dance and I did the same
to Amy and went out to the dance floor together.

Let me describe Amy, she had shoulder length black hair, big blue eyes, and a dynamite body. As I danced close to her I could feel her soft braless tits(not
real big, probably B cups) against my chest and I couldn't resist letting my hand drift down to her great looking(and feeling) ass. She didn't resist but
really didn't give me any encouragement either even when I started rubbing my now hard dick up against the front of her body. She didn't talk much and
really didn't seem too happy.

After a few dances the four of us sat down again and ordered another drink. Fred was a real personable and funny person, and I could tell that Sue really
liked him. Fred asked his wife to dance and I started to get up to dance with Sue when she grabbed my hand and said that she wanted to just sit for a while.
After they left, she leaned over and whispered to me that while Fred and her were dancing he was whispering in her ear about how beautiful and sexy she
was, he must have felt the nipple chain and asked her what it was. Sue told him and he got very excited and moved his one hand in through the opening between
the buttonholes of her shirt to investigate what it was. Sue said that him feeling the chain caused it to pull even harder on his nipples and she must
have moaned quietly at the pleasure it was giving her.

He took this as the opportunity to pull on the chain even harder, and she said that she was close to cumming by the time the dance was over and that she
was soaking wet. She said as they walked back to the booth he leaned over and asked her if we might be interested going back to their house as he was dying
to fuck her. He also said that they have never been with another couple before and his wife especially was very nervous about it. Sue said that she would
talk to me about it and would let him know. I, of course, was very interested in getting my hands on this beauty and told her so. When they came back to
the table Fred asked if we would be interested in coming back to their house for a drink. We both said yes and agreed that we would follow them back to
their house.

Sometimes I can't believe my good fortune. I'm an average looking guy at best, but lucky I have such a foxy looking wife, I guess, who attracts good looking
couples when we got out on the town. As we drove away from the bar, Sue and I both mentioned how ironic it was to meet this couple. We didn't go there
to meet anyone, just out for a night of dancing and relaxation. Sue said that Fred seemed to have a very nice package from what she could tell from him
rubbing up against her on the dance floor, and I said that Amy had a really tight body from what I felt. As it turned out they only lived about 5 minutes
away from the bar.

We went inside their house and went into their large den. Amy asked us if we wanted a drink and to make ourselves comfortable. She went into the kitchen
to fix us some drinks, and Sue went over and sat down beside Fred on the couch, and I sat on the other side of Sue. Fred said that Amy was very nervous
about this, they had talked about it for a while, curious to see if being with other partners would spice up their sex life. I told him that we had been
swinging for a few years and would take things easy and see what would transpire between us. Amy came back into the den with our drinks and sat down on
the couch next to me. She gulped her drink down quickly, I could sense that she was not sure about all of this yet. Fred got up and put some nice slow
music on his stereo, and asked Sue if she wanted to dance.

They started to dance, and it didn't take long to see that their hands started to explore each other’s bodies. After a minute or two, Amy got up saying
that she wanted another drink and went into the kitchen. I was afraid that she was not going to come back, and by the time she did, Fred had unbuttoned
Sue's shirt pulling it back off of her shoulders exposing her beautiful tits with the nipple chain/clamps clearly in view to us. Amy's mouth opened at
the scene and said that it was very sexy. She took a few more sips of her drink and pulled me up to dance. As we started to dance, I got the feeling that
she was warming up to this(maybe it was the alcohol), and I started to feel her tight ass and then moved up to play with her nice firm tits. She was breathing
heavier now as I kissed her neck and then moved my hands under her top to play with her rock-hard nipples. There wasn't any more pretense of dancing anymore,
Amy started rubbing my crotch and I could feel my dick really starting to strain against my pants anxious for release. I pulled her top over her head exposing
her very firm tits to my eyes for the first time. Man, she had a tight body and obviously worked at keeping it that way!

I looked over and saw that Fred had removed Sue's shirt and he was sitting in a chair with his pants down around his ankles and Sue was sucking his very
large cock. Amy was looking at them too and seeing what was going on gave her the courage to start unbuttoning my shirt and finishing that steered me over
to the couch and proceeded to undo my pants finally exposing my thick 6" cock to her eyes. She immediately went down on it, and boy could she suck a mean

Fred and Sue were really going at it now, they were both naked and in a 69 position on the den floor, Sue was on top and I could see Fred mauling her tits
and pulling on her nipple chain while he ate her sweet cunt. Sue was moaning as she sucked his huge cock. Between the BJ I was getting and watching them
on the floor I couldn’t take it anymore, and I pushed Amy off of my dick and slid her pants off exposing her neatly trimmed black bush to my eyes for the
first time. She was soaking wet and I laid her down on the couch and started to tease her cunt rubbing my cock up and down her slit and over her clit.
She was begging me to shove it in, but I continued to tease her finally after a minute or two ramming it in.

Amy let out a loud moan as I filled her tight cunt with my thick dick, and started to thrust her hips up at me as I pounded her at the same time. She sure
wasn't quiet and nervous now!! I continued to fuck her and looked over to see that Sue was on top of Fred riding his big cock. As she fucked him the sight
of her beautiful tits bouncing up and down as she moved up and down on him was sending me close to the edge. I continued to watch them and so did Amy as
both of them exploded in a giant climax that went on for a while, and as Sue pulled off of him the last few spurts shot onto her stomach. He was huge,
Sue told me later that he told her he was 10 inches long and almost 4 inches around. Watching them brought both Amy and I off, it was one of my most intense
orgasms ever. I felt like I was cumming non-stop for minutes and I could feel Amy's cunt spasming around my cock milking it dry.

We were all a little spent from our exertions, I sat up on the couch and Amy laid down on her back with her head on my lap just inches from my for now soft
cock. I lazily reached down and felt her beautiful firm tits lightly brushing her still hard erect nipples with the softest of touches. As I played with
her tits, I gazed at them in earnest for the first she had the nicest set I think I have ever seen. They were very firm and sat high on her chest and I
thought were probably at the high end of a B cup in size. She also had the most incredible nipples surrounded by large brown aureoles, her nipples stood
out about an inch from her tits and were incredibly soft to the touch. I said to her, “Amy, you have one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen,
and are one of the best fucks I have ever experienced!!”

She replied, “Why thank you, kind sir, and I must say that you are a great fuck, too!!!”

Opposite us, Fred was sitting in a big easy chair and Sue was sitting on his lap with her back to him. He had his hands around Sue and was playing with
her beautiful tits, too.

After lying there for a few minutes, Amy sat up and asked us if we wanted another drink as she was thirsty again. We all said yes, and she got up and walked
into the kitchen, as she walked away my eyes were locked on her beautiful ass and I admired the way that the firm muscles contracted as she walked. As
soon as she left the room, I got up and said to Sue and Fred that I was going to help Amy with the drinks and followed her into the kitchen. As I walked
in the kitchen, I noticed that Amy was standing with her back to me and I asked her, "Do you need any help?"

She said, "You can put ice in our glasses if you want to." I walked over beside her and put ice in all of the glasses, and when I finished I took two more
ice cubes out of the bucket holding one in each hand then moved behind her and reached around her rubbing a cube over each of her tits. She jumped a little
at the first contact of the ice, saying "OOOH, that's cold", but didn't make an attempt to stop me. As I continued to rub the ice all over her tits she
started to moan with pleasure, I could feel her nips getting harder and harder.

After a minute or so, I turned her around and continuing to rub her tits with the ice cubes we started to kiss passionately she was sucking my tongue into
her mouth as if she was making love to it. With a little regret because it felt so hot to tongue fuck her, I moved away to kiss my way down the front of
her body until I reached her left tit and sucked that hard nipple into my mouth and started to alternately suck and lightly bite on her nip. Amy was moaning
loudly now, and as I sucked and bit her nip I slowly moved my left hand and the ice cube down the front of her body. I could feel her body constrict as
the cold ice cube moved lower and lower until I reached the top of her cunt, it was slippery but I had a pretty good grip on it as I rubbed it through
her pubic hair and into the top of her cuntlips rubbing it on her clit.

Almost by accident, but really by design the ice cube slipped lower and I gently pushed it inside her steamy, wet cunt. This caused her to cry out, " Ohhhh,
that's cold, but it feels so good too!!" With that, I moved over to suck on her right nip and started moving the other cube down her body. Amy sensed what
was coming and as I got down to her pubic area she spread her legs apart and I shoved the other cube inside her. She was beside herself with lust now and
grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her chest so that my head was buried in her right tit.

Amy was begging me to fuck her, but I had another plan in mind. Still attached to her tit I reached around her and lifted her up turning around to sit her
down on the kitchen table with her legs spread wide open over the sides of the table. I let go of her tit and moved one of the chairs over to sit down
with my head at the level of her sopping wet cunt. I kissed up the inside of her thighs being careful to avoid her pubic region.

She again starting begging me to bring her off, and wanting more than anything to please this lovely creature, I spread the lips of her cunt exposing her
button of pleasure to my eyes and started to lick up and down her cuntlips occasionally brushing my tongue over her clit. She was almost screaming now,
"You have to let me cum, I can't stand the teasing anymore PLEESEEE!!!" I happened to look up at that point and noticed that Fred and Sue were standing
in the kitchen doorway watching us, Sue was standing in front of Fred and he was reaching around her to alternately play with her tits and rub her hand
over the front of her cunt. They walked around to opposite sides of the table, and Fred sucked one of his wife's tits into his mouth.

I then started to lick and lightly bite Amy's hard clit with more intensity, Amy laid back on the table and was continuously moaning as we brought her closer
and closer to release. Sue then bent down and sucked the other tit into her mouth and I could see her grab her nip with her teeth and pull it up away from
her body.

When Amy saw that Sue was sucking her tit too, she went completely crazy grinding and humping her cunt against my tongue and screaming, "Fuck me with your
tongue, please I have to cum!!" With that she started to convulse with the beginning of her orgasm screaming, "Oh, yesssssss. I'm cumming sooooooooooooo
hard!!" She was bucking all over the table, it was hard to keep my tongue on her but I guess I managed pretty well as Amy's orgasm seemed to last for 5
minutes or so before she finally collapsed back onto the table. There was a big puddle of combined cum and water on the table in front of her and a lot
of it was all over my face. As she came down from her intense orgasm both Fred and Sue continued to suck on her tits for another few minutes then finally
released her from their mouths.

As Sue and Fred stepped back from the table, I could see that Sue had three fingers buried in her cunt frigging herself and Fred was slowly stroking his
huge hardon. I was rock hard again, of course, so when Fred suggested that we move the party into their bedroom Sue and I both didn't hesitate to follow
him out of the kitchen. As we were leaving Amy stirred and said, "I'll join you in a few minutes, after I recover a bit I'll finish making the drinks and
bring them in."

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