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Last night with the work slut

She rings the intercom at 7:30 last night, so after being a little concerned about whether or not she would actually show up, I eagerly let her in.
She was dressed in a black miniskirt, fishnets, a red and black ensemble....really nice.
After introducing her to my wife, and some chit chat, I of course broke out the 3 footer.....always seems to loosen things up.
After getting smashed on some hash, and putting on some velvet acid christ, it was time for cocktails, snacks, and for me to be bold.....
We all got buzzed on black russians(vodka and kahlua for the uninitiated), and by now the full effects of my intoxication would be evident.
Our sound system is hooked up throughout the house, so I asked our guest if she wished to check out the rest of the house.
She readily accepted, and followed us down the hall.
The first room I showed her was the den/computer room....
The next room I showed her was the dungeon/play room.
This is when it gets really interesting.
My wife peels off her bottoms, and in her g-string, mounts the a-frame.
I can't let this go unchallenged, so I place the proper restraints on her, and step in front of her and admire the sight with our guest.
At this point, with my wife restrained, I lower my face in front of her and gently kiss her....she seemed like she was waiting for this as she put her tongue in my mouth.
After a make out session, and most of her clothes off along with mine, it was time for her to attend to my wife.
She knelt in front of my wife still restrained, and licked her pussy ferociously.

I came up from behind our guest and entered her from behind.
I had trouble cumming even though her pussy was very tight and hot....really gripped my cock as I rhythymically pounded her.
I decided it was time for my wife to get loosened and for the three of us to retire to the bedroom.
This time I entered my wife from behind, and much to my surprise, she went down and licked my wife's clit while I fucked her....such a turn on.
This time I was able to cum with relative ease.
This was very hot!
After cumming, our guest was licking my wife's pussy with my cum oozing out of it.
They enjoyed each other for quite a while....I just sat there and jacked off while I watched them........
Work should be interesting on Monday :)
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