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pets and their bad habits

I have several bad habits which have proven to cause difficulties between my Master and I.

Some of them

I am an almost chronic liar. In most circumstances and events I won't lie, I've got a reputation in certain circles as brutally honest, but with my parents I always told them what I thought they wanted to hear, regardless of the truth behind it. This stems from the fact that my brother is 'less than perfect' and had a rough go at it growing up (thankfully he's straightened out and doing wonderfully now), and I was always expected to be the perfect little baby sister. I would lie and do anything else to try and not ruin this image for them, because for some reason or another it got ground into my brain that I had to protect them from myself by lying about myself.

This has carried over into my relationship with Master. You see, I have this problem with having orgasms--I don't know how to recognize one properly or even tell if one is about to happen, and I've only had one orgasm in my life (which seems rather impressive given I've had five sex partners before Master, and sex tended to be frequent). So I would fake it because I thought that would please Master (and I didn't want him to think me defective!). He had me always rate the fake orgasms on a scale of 1 to 10, and often I would pull numbers out of the air for him, though sometimes I based it off the general enjoyment of the sex or masterbation (since it is enjoyable even without orgasm, usually).

Last night I confessed to Master what I had been doing. The trying to confess in and of itself was very difficult--it took me ten minutes, if not longer, to screw up the courage to blurt it out. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased. I got to wear my butterfly clit vibrator for most of that evening--and not once did I even become aroused, let alone anywhere near orgasm, which I suspect surprised my Master. It felt nice, but it felt like one of those massage thingies, like what you use on your back, and stimulating, but not particularly sexually. Hell, once the damn thing got uncomfortably warm, like it was overheating, and Master had to turn it off to let it cool lest it might get hot enough to burn me.

"So if I'm asleep or not around to ask you can do whatever you want?"
I am ruled by my emotions. Majorly. If I get upset, I've been known to go and eat an entire chocolate candy bar that Master had been saving in the fridge for me and giving out in pieces as rewards when I do brilliant. If I don't want to do something, I would used to curl up in my spot with my back towards him and sulk. He recognized that behavior fairly early, but he never really called me out on it except when I had a tantrum on him and he explained with amazing calm that I was being unreasonably and unacceptably bratty and difficult, trying to top from the bottom by misbehaving for attention, etc. For the longest time I would only follow the rules he set for me that I liked, and ignored the rest. I'm starting to get over that, but even now sometimes I go and do things without asking (most notably and reciently would be me getting a Coca-cola without permission. I'm allowed to drink water, orange juice, tea, and milk without asking permission first, as far as I know--come to think of it I should get that verified...).

There are undoubtedly others, but those are sticking first and foremost in my brain.

Do you have any bad habits?
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