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*sighs dejectedly*

Alright. You win. i'll do an intro type dealie. But in exchange, i need you people to post too! i'm running outta stuff to read. Okay?

i'm kye. i like napping on the couch.

i also enjoy naked pictures of people. And stories of the horny variety. AAAAnd naked people pictures used to accent the horny stories.

But that's not all of it, of course. i'm a big fan of spankings, asphyxiation, and teasing of a sexual nature. Very very VERY shortly i'll have some pictures up. i promise. But until then, this is a community and i shouldn't be the only one posting it it! ;) *has a mother like moment* So i want you all to do your part, okay? Everyone pitch in and then we'll ALL have naked pictures to look at! :D *un-moms* All i wanna do is see boobs, is that so wrong?

There, i'm a pervert. *snickers*

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Hey, do you have a larger version of that lovely little bondage slut that serves as the icon for the community?

If so, mind sending it to gothomsslave (at) yahoo (dot) com ? I want to play around with the image and *possibly* make a layout for the community?
i wish! OMGS, i wish. It's someone else's icon ... i wish i could remember where i found it. Damn! If anyone knows where that icon came from, or if anyone has the original image, PLEASE let me or gothomsslave know! 'K? ;)