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Gothom's slave


i'm Gothom's slave, currently without a pet name and uninterested in posting my real name. Master'll name me soon enough, i reckon. i'm 19 years old, a college student, and general troublemaker. For all my so-called maturity i'm actually quite immature and naive on many many things--what's scary is i know people even more naive than i. Hobbies include BDSM (i'm a masochist to the core), anime, hentai, art, drawing, roleplaying (as in actual RPGs, not in sexual terms), computer games and sleeping. i sleep a lot, as Master will attest to. Things i like include Master, my collar and leash, sex, sushi, the color pink, music, and cooking. i'm curious about the Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolita subculture and i like foreign languages--currently trying to master both Spanish and Japanese. Eventually i'll also probably learn German.

i have a tendency to talk too much, as you can see, and while the english language is one of my fortes, i have a bad habit of not choosing the right words when trying to communicate, which results in miscommunication and usually pissing people off. Trying to rectify that habit, it'll take some work.

i'm currently studying art and will likely either become a professional sculptor or graphic designer (or maybe both). Web design is my one hobby that has potential to make me money, so i'm going after it for all i'm worth.

Nice to meet all of you.
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